Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sun Dog Take Two

I've gotten so many views on my Sun Dog/Shock Wave video I felt obligated to improve on it. It seems non-scientists really like the beginning of the launch with the bird, but astrophysicists just want to get to the money shot and see the sun dog get obliterated. That part would be better in slow motion instead of just repeated. iMovie will do that. Unfortunately not the old version that I have. So being unemployed with no viable source of income whatsoever I went out and spent $79 on iLife '09 so I can provide more free content for the world.

When I was in undergraduate school I took a neat class in the English Department called Restoration London Stage. It was one of those classes that they discontinued the year after I took it because the professor retired. She was a lovely lady with a gentile Southern accent but she had inner ear problems so bad she couldn't walk up and down stairs. I can't remember her name but I'm sure I still have the plays we read in storage. Other classes cancelled after I took them included Psychoacoustics and Physics of Photography. These were excellent classes with very senior professors. Dr. Payne and Dr. Braden I salute you.

Anyway, in Restoration London the funniest playwrights made their living writing plays because they had a patron. Some rich citizen who loved the arts would pay for the writer's apartment and food and clothes and they would get to read the play before anybody else. I always thought this was a brilliant business model. I think the internet has created the perfect circumstance for this business model to be restored. Even if you come up with some content in high demand there is still no money in it. My blog traffic went up 2330% because of this sun dog video, but I only made $0.11.

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  1. Hey, nice video! I linked back from http://onthebus91.blogspot.com/2010/02/spasms-of-accommodation-sun-dog-take.html.

    BTW, I kind of agree about patron supported arts and the need for a new model.

    All people need to do is be kind a click an ad once in a while when they see sites they enjoy. It will add up over time and lots of clicks.