Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chemtrails and Axe Body Spray

You know that section above the comments on YouTube for video responses? Well when somebody tries to post one it emails the owner of the channel for approval. I got one that was another view of the same event, so I accepted that one. Then I got one that looked like it was shot with a proctoscope. Some kind of reddish fleshy out of focus orifice? Ignore. Just now I got another one that is a video of the sky. Pretty cirrus clouds and some condensation trails. The description reads:

I've made several calls to police/fire/air pollution etc. etc... everybody says it "isn't their jurisdiction".. well.. could you maybe transfer me to whoemever's jurisdiction it is? Or is it just set up this way so nobody can report the spraying?

The SPRAYING? What?! People seriously think those white trails are chemicals? I am not putting a link to this nonsense in here because I don't want them to get any more views on this stupid video. Just cannot believe people think contrails are a conspiracy. Makes me want to roll them in snow and teach them a lesson in how water reacts when it has something to condense on.

The most recent comment is from a sane person.

If you are asking "officials" why they are "spraying" the skies what do you expect them to say. Contrails are contrail and not "spray".

But then there were more nuts.

"it isn't their jurisdiction" lol..Interesting that's the EXACT "response" I got calling so called "officials", airport (!); county offices. This after my neighboorhood sky got suddenly BLANKETED. Was told they "don't notice anything" (WTF?) 1 person said it was "light reflecting in the sky"..(?) NONE of them offered to look into it, nobody wanted to get involved+ investigate, NOTHING. Can you believe this bull shit? This is what our tax dollars go to support. This is how they "represent" us

OK, for fuck's sake. You didn't take advantage of a perfectly good free public education to learn how condensation works and now you want to blame the government for not representing you? What about you representing your country? I'm embarrassed to speak the same language as these people. And it keeps going on.

YUCK! My locale looked like this the past week...

Oh kiss my ass. This is probably the same person that thinks radio towers are ugly. I like a nice tower. Nothing dumber to me than a cell tower dressed up like a pine tree.

Right out of the blue trails started appearing in grid patterns going all directions! lasting for hours on end.. spreading out covering the sky blocking the sun. Weather hasn't changed drastically nor does air traffic in the area ever produce such effects. All of a sudden BAM trails appear everywhere : (

How would you know what the weather is like at 30,000 feet? Shut up!

...these trails were all over middle tennessee today....!

Say it isn't so! There's water in the sky!

I've just recently started taking picutres of these things. I have heard what they are and can believe it that they are bad. They certainly are not natural.

YES! They are TOTALLY NATURAL! What's unnatural is your ignorance of basic physical properties of water.

Wow! bad spray day. 5***** Thanks for posting.

Bad spray day? Spray Day? Reminds me of something that is TRULY bad and I bet nobody is going to call attention to the rampant misuse of chemicals in this travesty. I'm talking about the new Axe body spray commercials called "Double pits to chesty." There are some aerosols I would seriously like to see banned, as well as the truly ridiculous ad campaign. Completely asinine. 

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