Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Abuse is always bad, I don't care who you are

Jen McCreight, the Blag Hag, is quitting blogging because she is routinely attacked and called names and that triggers depression, which has been a problem for her since elementary school.

I do not have depression. But I still wouldn't tolerate abuse. The vaguely critical but mostly benign comments I sometimes get on here are more than I want. I don't understand how she managed as much as she did. I am not inclined to depression but I am highly sensitive. When I'm dealing with a lot of negative feelings I get symptoms of depression. But I still think my jokes are funny, so it doesn't count. I wouldn't like it if I didn't always have that relief of good brain chemistry.

I am happy to remain obscure and insignificant. I want nobody to read what I write if they don't like it. I only hope to entertain others who agree with me.

I'm sorry people were mean to Jen. I hope I can avoid them.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh and they're clever, of course

"Well, intelligence in the abstract has no value. If your intelligence hasn't been noted by your fellow man, perhaps the question to ask yourself is why you have failed to deploy it in a more striking way...."

"Fundamentally, being underrated is a failure of presentation. I have always flattered myself that I am overrated. Perhaps you agree. If so, please don't feel obliged to leave a comment saying so."

I relate to this. I have a hypothesis that pleasing word choice is the key to being perceived as intelligent. David Mitchell strings words together like a regular PG Wodehouse. I also attribute my own overrating to the word usements that I structure. Even when a lot of it is actually memory that allows me to recycle Steve Martin quotes.

I also expect sounding smarter than you are may have something to do with speaking with a nuance of annoyance. Cynics just sound smarter. Nothing like a rant to make people think you're just brimming with intellect.