Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Abuse is always bad, I don't care who you are

Jen McCreight, the Blag Hag, is quitting blogging because she is routinely attacked and called names and that triggers depression, which has been a problem for her since elementary school.

I do not have depression. But I still wouldn't tolerate abuse. The vaguely critical but mostly benign comments I sometimes get on here are more than I want. I don't understand how she managed as much as she did. I am not inclined to depression but I am highly sensitive. When I'm dealing with a lot of negative feelings I get symptoms of depression. But I still think my jokes are funny, so it doesn't count. I wouldn't like it if I didn't always have that relief of good brain chemistry.

I am happy to remain obscure and insignificant. I want nobody to read what I write if they don't like it. I only hope to entertain others who agree with me.

I'm sorry people were mean to Jen. I hope I can avoid them.

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