Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why no Nature category?

I made a quick iPhone video again. I wasn't allowed to upload it from my phone until I picked a category on YouTube. I had to put it under Pets and Animals. There's no category for the kind of videos I usually make. Gosh, you'd think I was somehow not that similar to most other people or something.

Update: I got a comment from Ami asking me if these were green anoles (Anolis carolinensis). I thought we might have brown anoles (Anolis sagrei) here now, introduced from Cuba or the Bahamas because I have seen so many odd acting lizards -- they just don't look like the lizards of my childhood anymore. These things are a lot more.... menacing. And I'm talking about when I was a little girl! And they're menacing to me NOW!

Anyway, my Audubon Field Guide says green anoles aren't supposed to have back crests. Clearly these do. But green anoles do turn green and get a black spot behind their eye when they're fighting, like these. So I will claim these are green anoles, but if a herpetologist wanted to contradict me I would listen attentively. Do anoles cross breed when an island species invades their territory? I have a photo of a lizard with a back crest breeding with one without if any herpetologists are interested. Maybe it's a thing males have and the field guide is just not that precise.


  1. Quite the cool video. A minor territory dispute, maybe? I'm astounded at the strength of the jaw muscles. I'm fairly certain that lifting something that weighs about the same as you with just your mouth would be tougher than it looks!

  2. Are those green Anole lizards? They seem... bigger than the ones I'm familiar with.
    Great video. Sending link to my kids. Funny, that. Sending links to videos and other interesting internet things to people who not only live in the same house, but are within shouting distance most of the time. As in, "Hey! Come look at this!"

  3. Yeah, it surprised me when he picked the other lizard up like that. I backed my camera up pretty quick. After that I shot a close up of the victor lizard. He turned himself green when he saw my green phone case and acted like he was going to attack me next. I decided to leave him alone.

  4. Considering how well they always latched onto fingers and ears around my house growing up it doesn't surprise me terribly, but it is a pretty impressive feat of lizard Tai Nom Do.