Monday, February 6, 2012

Sideways Snake

I shot another reptile video today. I saw a handsome garter snake while I was trying to tidy up some backhoe tracks in my yard.

I tried downloading the iMovie iPhone app to see what it was like to edit it on the iPhone. It's limited, but not bad. At least it gives you an easy way to upload to Vimeo and not just YouTube. But it doesn't work well with video shot vertically. I tried rotating the video in iMovie to take up the whole space. That just makes it come out sideways on the computer. Viewed on the phone it's right though. Apple, I am disappoint.

I hooked the phone to the computer to see if I could copy the file over and export it with the dimensions reversed to get a proper video in Vimeo. But because I copied the photos first and then deleted them the iMovie project was completely destroyed.

There is no way to get video off the iPhone and then sync it back in a smart album like you can photos. Once it's in iPhoto it's kind of stuck. You can put it in iMovie and export it as a movie, but the original editable video is lost to the iPhone. They really need to work on a fix for this. The only way for me to make a vertical video from this is to start over from scratch in iMovie on the computer.

1 comment:

  1. Quick little bugger. We would find so many of those when I was a kid.
    Haven't tried using iMovie in the iPhone yet. I'm glad you posted the heads up on the vertical shooting issue. Seems like a kind of obvious thing that Apple missed there.

    You almost wonder if nobody really wanted to work on that project and they just gave it to an intern, who in turn (ba-doom-cha!) gave it to someone else, who then just said, "Screw it! I don't care if this works or not."