Friday, May 6, 2011

How to Eat a Soft Boiled Egg

 Felicia Day 

Is it possible to eat one of those soft-boiled eggs in a cup with a tiny spoon and NOT eat half the shell? Because I need a tutorial. 

How To Eat A Soft Boiled Egg from barbara tomlinson on Vimeo.

I replied to Felicia Day with 140 characters of instructions on how to eat the egg when she tweeted this on Tuesday, but then when my friend Jonah asked if I wanted to come over for brunch this morning I said, "Sure. Do you have any tiny spoons?" He did! And I had egg cups and eggs. So I went to brunch with my tripod and camera and took these pictures on his patio. That's his Risk board too. I didn't even bother to check if a video about this already existed. I had these photos from a quail's nest in my yard back in Beachton and I thought I could use them. I didn't get very GOOD pictures of the quail's nest because I didn't want to disturb the quail when she was setting and then after the eggs hatched I was put off by the ants. No wonder quail babies leave the nest within half an hour of hatching. Anyway, I cropped the ants out of the photo in the video because it's about food and antified eggs are kinda gross.

The way a baby quail comes out of the egg with a perfect hatch in the top is just how you want to open one of these soft boiled eggs. The quail has the advantage of doing it from the inside. This video illustrates how my grandmother taught me to do it, tapping it all the way around with a knife. I cooked this egg too long though. She liked hers quite soft inside, a custard consistency. She would scoop up some egg then touch the little spoonful of egg to a pile of salt and pepper for every bite. She had these small silver spoons with a ball on the end just for this purpose. The sulfur in the egg would react with the silver and give it a little extra flavor. I'm pretty sure it's not a GOOD flavor, but whatever ancestor passed those spoons down to my grandmother predated stainless steel so that's what she used.

Jonah made migas that we ate before I boiled the egg. It's a popular breakfast item in Austin that I'd never had before. He sauteed onions and peppers then combined them with strips of tortillas, grated cheese, and eggs and cooked that all together on a hot cast iron skillet. You pile the hot eggs mixture on warm tortillas and top it off with homemade salsa. Migas are delicious! I think my grandmother that taught me how to eat eggs out of a cup like this would have really liked them too. The soft boiled egg makes a lot less dishes to wash though.

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