Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Endeavour SRB video

Hurray! Solid Rocket Booster video is online! Once again it's really great.

#Kahlua's top secret hiding place on TwitpicAt 0:45 it goes through the cloud deck then you can see the clouds below. It made me imagine @astroengine's hamster just took off from his enclosure in a toilet paper roll.

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  1. Barbara, this makes me so incredibly happy! I can't describe the feeling very well, but you probably already know exactly what it is. It doesn't matter how many launches I watch, from whatever perspective. They all elicit the most joyous and kidlike response in me!

    Sure, I love all the technical aspects of them, and look for all kinds of little details that very few people appreciate (you see many more than I do, I'm quite sure), but the overriding excitement is!

    Each one of the different cameras gave me thrills. I especially got off on the sounds from the intertank views. The sounds are freaking awesome!

    More!!! (Claps hands madly!)