Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sausage gravy dispenser

Fast food goes too far with this convenience store machine (from Gizmodo.)

I've been in Atlanta since Saturday helping my college roommate fix her house so she can sell it. So I've been eating out A LOT. (She's buying.) With all the choices for food outside the home I just don't see why anybody would eat a microwaved biscuit with gravy out of a dispenser. I think this won't translate outside the south. It makes me think of something I saw on a friend's blog -- the first biscuit of spring, seen in South Carolina. We can make fun of biscuits here, but what about the Brits, who think biscuits are cookies? And can't possibly know what is in sausage gravy. It's rendered sausage, flour, and milk. Basically a bechamel sauce made with sausage grease instead of butter. I think I'd rather not have it on my biscuit though.

I'm having issues with the wifi at my friend's house and my old laptop is bringing me down. Sorry my blog is slacking.

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