Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meteorologist vs. Climatologist on Colbert Report

I went to the Comedy Central website today to look at the Stephen Colbert bit between a weatherman and a climatologist from the Union of Concerned Scientists. I got an email from UCS about it yesterday. It was actually pretty difficult to watch. It makes fun of meteorologists and then brings one on who is just the punch line of the joke. The climatologist never gets a chance to make her point at all. But it isn't necessary since the meteorologist just acts like an imbecile. He seems to think no temperature records from before satellite monitoring count. That's just idiotic. Climatologists are using CO2 and temperature data from geologic and ice records to determine climate trends back to the dawn of man. The global temperature since the '70s is not climate. Since the climatologist didn't get a chance to explain that the whole bit was just a waste of time unfortunately.

Instead of embedding the video here I got the other bit about Scrabble and put it on yesterday's post.

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