Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So much for that job

So I didn't get that job after they made me fill out that long application and have a hour and a half phone interview. They said they gave it to somebody who had already worked with FEMA on flood maps.

And just yesterday I made friends with somebody online that lives near that office to see what it might be like there. He told me he was once stopped by a fellow student at the university in that town who wanted him to go to bible study.

"The improbably strange creature, a university educated social conservative who believes in creationism, actually does exist, as I found out. They seem to view education as only a tool, a means to get a job. They learn the narrow tedious details of some technical subject, and give no thought to much else, certainly not philosophy and the basics of science."

They took my jerb!

It was probably one of those people that know those tedious details who got that job. As a generalist I'm viewed as kind of a freak. I just don't get it. It's a tedious detail. On the one day a year when I need to know it I'll look it up! At least I know enough about everything to be able to look up the tedious details of 20 different subjects and be infinitely more useful some doofus that only knows how to use one piece of modeling software.

Well anyway, not having a job gives me more time for blogging! How long until this happens....

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