Thursday, December 17, 2009

Answer Me These Questions Three!

I didn't get to write a blog entry yesterday because I was busy filling out an online job application. Not the one that expresses interest in a job, I already filled that one out, plus talked to the recruiter and sent a real properly formatted resume. This was the one asking for addresses and phone numbers of all my universities and employers and three references. The one giving them permission to investigate my credit report and mode of life.

It's worse than crossing the damn bridge of death!

Bridgekeeper: WHAT is your NAME?

Me: Barbara, Princess of the Pinecones!

Bridgekeeper: WHO is your favorite REFERENCE?

Me: Doctor Patronis!

Bridgekeeper: WHAT is your expected SALARY?!

Me: $50,000! No! $65,000! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaa!

Then I respawned and tried again.

Bridgekeeper: WHAT is your NAME?

Me: Barbara the Brave!

Bridgekeeper: WHAT is your undergraduate UNIVERSITY? (Pick from this pull down list)

Me: What do you mean? Georgia Institute of Technology (GAINST) or Georgia Tech (GATECH)?

Bridgekeeper: What? It says that?! Those are the same school! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaa!

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