Thursday, December 31, 2009

I feel ya, Snoopy


I actually accomplished something, just in the nick of time. Today I updated my DNS settings on GoDaddy so points here without I'm having a little trouble getting spasmsofaccomodation (sic) to forward to the correct spelling though. I was trying to accommodate bad spellers when I registered the URLs a year or so ago, but now that I'm actually using them I guess bad spellers will just have to wallow in their ignorance without the pleasure of reading my riveting prose. Thanks to hyperlinks there's little chance anybody ever has to type it anyway.


  1. Hi Barbara,

    It looks like you're created a CNAME loop. 3600 IN CNAME

    Try pointing the misspelling to the correct name. Not recommended but it should work.

    BTW I landed on your blog through the tiny homes post. Would love to see something about your own house. An 8x12 house is a stunt, a 12x18 house could be interesting.

    best regards

  2. It works like I meant for it to, at least on my computer. It just took a few hours for the CNAME loop to register with the DNR. The incorrect spelling points to the correct spelling now.

    I'll try to do a similar tour video of my 12x18 house when the weather warms up so I can move all the extraneous stuff out of my house so it looks good on camera. Right now it's colder than it ought to be for where I built my house and I'm thinking 2x8 rafters that don't allow room for R-30 insulation are a mistake. No reason to use 2x10s unless they are longer than 8 feet though. It's a conundrum. Hopefully I'll only be throwing money at the power company for a few weeks though and I'll be grateful for the extra space above my loft every day of the year.