Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Friends and Family


I admire Wiley for giving an honest and simple answer to this ridiculous question. People who say Family and Friends are what's most important in life just piss me off. That's similar to one of the questions on okcupid -- "The six things in life I could never do without." If somebody puts "family, friends" in that spot it makes me think less of them. It's a chance to say something about YOURSELF. Why would you put something that we can all CLEARLY do without? I like a person who would be useful stranded on an uncharted island. If they are so devoid of self-sufficiency that they can't do without friends and family then I'm not sure I want to know them. Actually, I'm willing to accept those things as a high priority, but they could still put a more intriguing answer there. Something to spark conversation and reveal something about themself. Some of my friends I met on okcupid put these answers:

pocket knife, some kind of musical instrument, a sense of humor, wikipedia, a steering wheel, movies, shorts, anticipation, good conversation, an edge of discontent, something to think about, something to learn, the flexibility to change this answer at any time

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