Friday, January 8, 2010


Check it -- 4:56 The Tech tower. Strangely, none of the founders of the company went to Tech. We just have a reputation for being the hardest school among cheesy video producers? Or are those schools in Maryland lacking in recognizable landmarks?

Yes, I said it. This video is cheesy. It doesn't need all that unrelated hype. What if? As if....

Still, the product is a good idea. I thought of that myself already. They'll likely get bought up by somebody who can do the branding a little better. I would talk about what kind of smart people actually created it instead of Edison. Are they bona fide or just posers like some of those outfits I worked with in the internet boom?

Apparently it's an Android based device that lets you drag images from the e-ink side to the color side. That would be handy for a lot of the papers I had to read in graduate school that had color charts and tables.

Expected price under $500, too.

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