Friday, December 30, 2011

Customer Doesn't Cheese

Phil Plait's Twittered enjoyment at the check-out reminded me of a poem I wrote pre-blog. Evidence that I've been practicing this hermit thing for quite some time.
Moonlight Party
I was picking up some groceries on my way home on Valentine's Day
I had time to study Jennifer Aniston's nose job
and note that Katie Holme's wasn't happy with Tom Cruise
while I waited for a man in front of me to run back
for another pot of tulips with
pink plastic heat shrink cellophane
for his Valentine.
"That will be $58.75," the acne-faced cashier said.
My eyes squinted and looked over at the color display
"What did I get for $29.99? Moonlight Party? What's that?"
She looked at me funny and motioned at the bagger
"It's after the celery and before the green beans."
He dug around in the bags and got a box of tea
Held it next to the green beans, pushed around the remaining items
The plastic tray of sushi was left off the list.
They rang up my California Roll, $5.65.
And a manager came over
to void out
my Moonlight Party.
BC Tomlinson
Feb 2007

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