Friday, October 7, 2011

Pileated Woodpecker Animated GIF

I wanted to learn another new thing this week so I decided to make an animated GIF. I hadn't made one since 1994. Now that they're making them with photos the possibilities are greatly expanded!

Finding the photos I took of this woodpecker a few years ago and exporting them from iPhoto and wasting time researching how to do it in Preview took longer than actually making it. Once I remembered the stupid App Store it was cake. I searched GIF, found a free app called GIFQuickMaker, and I was set. I dragged the files to the obvious place to drag them. Clicked the obvious button to move the images to the next step, easily tweaked the time for each image and made the animation.

These images were shot using my camera's 40 frames per second burst mode. The app wouldn't let me do 0.025 seconds per frame, 0.03 was the closest. But that's too fast! You can't see how his little top knot flicks forward. I slowed it down to 0.1 seconds per frame. In real life he hangs out a few seconds between pecks so I let the resting frames go for 0.3 seconds, less than reality, but we have such short attention spans now....

I tried to get it to load in my Google+ stream and it didn't animate. I'm trying it here instead.

I like it. This is how it looks at 0.03 seconds per frame, close to actual speed. Those jokers are fast aren't they?!

OK, now back to packing.


  1. Naturally, being the quick-to-act, but slow-to-think type of guy I am, I just spent ten minutes looking on my iPhone in the App Store for GIFQuickmaker app.
    Then it dawned on me that you meant the other app store. On my desktop computer.

    I love trying to make gifs. Your Woodpecker is a great subject to do it with. Nice job!

  2. I told you it was the App Store I forgot I had! Clearly the one you were also forgetting :)

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