Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dung-sniffing dogs

According to National Geographic the Javan rhino is now extinct in mainland Asia. A poacher shot the last one in Vietnam and they just found the corpse. There was a bullet in the leg and the horn was gone. Just the horn. How many green pinecones would I like to throw at that poacher? Well, since he has a gun maybe just one, but I'd throw it real hard and right at his head from up in a tree.

Getting angry doesn't really help me, though, so I'm finding some other emotion to apply to this story. Here's the part that made me laugh.
A more thorough survey involving dung-sniffing dogs in late 2009 and early 2010 turned up 22 fecal samples.
Dung-sniffing dogs? Aren't ALL dogs dung-sniffers? All the ones I've ever known sure were. I guess the training was just to teach them not to roll in it.

I watched this video and REALLY laughed. The dung-sniffing dog is a Labrador Retriever. That's PERFECT. That was the dog we had that liked dung the best. He was partial to otter dung. He would find some otter scat on the dam and he'd jump up in the air and flip over and land in it right on his back and squirm around so it got rubbed in REAL good. It was greasy and fishy and it took a lot of my mom's expensive shampoo to wash it out.

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