Monday, October 17, 2011

Notes from the road

I made it to Slidell, LA last night and collapsed at the Hampton Inn.

Technical note: I confirmed that the TV here has HDMI in. My laptop-free traveling concept seems viable. I'm seriously considering making a case for my Mac Mini, keyboard and trackpad with cord storage. Beachton ________ Works needs a product page. That could be on it.

Cultural note: Texas near Beaumont reminds me of Ocala, FL. I do not understand redneck pride. I have a good friend from Beaumont so I don't think this is a universal affliction, just an unfortunate one.

Energy note: Gas stations cap purchases at $90 even if you use a debit card. $90 does not quite fill up this Uhaul.

Environmental note: Louisiana feels compelled to warn people about snakes and alligators but they don't say anything about the real bloodsucking swarms that get you the minute you exit your vehicle. Thanks to the Texas drought I had forgotten all about mosquitoes. But they do have a fish cleaning station at the rest stop. I had to cut myself an oak toothpick to eat my sardines because my implements are in my other bag I left in Austin to come on the next trip in my car. I had fun feeding the leftovers to blue crabs in that bayou. Then I washed the olive oil off my fingers in that nice stainless steel sink.

Interior design note: There's a conflict in nomenclature on the shower at the Hampton Inn. Go by the colors. The letters lie.

NPR note: I listened to the Wait Wait podcast with Patton Oswalt yesterday while I was driving and they asked him about processed food shapes. When they said Popeye's had chicken shaped like a spoon I was picturing something a lot less delicious looking, smoother, with a handle. The gas stations in Texas and Louisiana all have fried chicken chain restaurants combined with them. It actually seems more appropriate than a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, but it wouldn't make a good Das Racist song.

Blogger for iPhone note: These pictures come up in a completely random order. Consider it a game to match them to the notes. Actually, I bet it's not random. They are probably in order by size. First one to finish uploading wins.


  1. Maybe the "C" stands for Caliente? That leaves me with nothing for the "H", however.

    Sardines?'re the hardy type, for sure.

  2. Louisiana. French. "Chaud" is hot, "froid" is cold. If the faucet was labeled "C" and "F" then it's French :)

  3. Not French. C and H. I uploaded the H photo now ;)