Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back in Beachton, just one night

I made it back to Beachton today. It was raining all day long. A whole summer of drought so I had to just roll with it. The woods looked very nice, but not as flowery as they would've been if there hadn't been two months with no rain. 

The little house was in very good shape for being closed up since January. There was hardly any dust or dead bugs. Just one scorpion in the kitchen sink strainer. I tried plugging in the modem and turning on the uninterruptible power supply on the network equipment and it didn't work. Tried my test phone and had no dial tone. Had to just leave it and get on with the unloading the truck while my friend was here to help. Got out plastic bins and boats and the bike in the shed then went to my mini warehouses and unloaded my bed and washer and dryer and the big chair. Then he went back to town and I commenced troubleshooting. First thing while it was still light was to check the well pump. I let water out of the tank until the pressure gauge was down to 25psi but the pump didn't come on. I took the cover off the relay and it was all spider webs and dirt dauber crud in there. I got a paint brush and dusted it off and it made a spark and a puff of smoke and burned off the corrosion and started running. 

Then I checked the phone network interface device with the test phone. Had dial tone there. Hmm, that meant it was in my wiring. Checked to see if there were any tooth marks on the wire under the house. Nope, looked good. Went inside and took the outlet down off the wall. It was sootier than it ought to be. I cut the wires back and reattached them. One was really blown clear in two. It might have been part of the lightning strike I found at Christmas last year. I didn't take that part off the wall then because it was still working. It must have corroded and stopped conducting since then. I don't leave the phone jack plugged in when I leave now. I have to work on my grounding. Phone and power are grounded about 100' apart. That's wrong. Anyway, I fixed it and now I have internet. I'm using my TV computer in the loft now and uploaded these photos from my phone.

The only other problem is the double pane plate glass window in my south wall seems to have a compromised seal and is pretty much ruined. It's really just an old mobile home quality sliding glass door I got from my grandparents when a tree fell on their sunroom. I used 4 of them for windows in my house. This is the only one that isn't holding up. My grandparents had their sunroom rebuilt with some awesome low-e plate glass windows. I think I'm going to sell something else so I can get a real glass company to come put one of those in here. Being in the south wall this is my biggest heat gain in the summer and cold spot in winter.


  1. Continuing to pull for you to have no more surprises, and not too much excess work to do, Barbara.

    Truly amazing.

    Oh, and you can ignore my request on Google+ until you're feeling caught up. It's not important. Get yourself moved in and settled.

  2. I don't really have to move in. I never moved out! I just have to put things I took out of storage back into storage. Now I am effectively on vacation :) I used my phone as a boarding pass today. Hurray for paperless!