Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Throwable Baby!

 IEEE Spectrum 

FirstLook: iRobot's New Throwable Baby Surveillance Bot 

When I saw this on Twitter my first instinct was to Google "throwable baby." New oxymorons are kind of rare, and that one is GREAT! And apparently it is TOTALLY ORIGINAL! All references to it were about this product. I tip my hat to iRobot and IEEE for instant search engine optimization greatness.

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  1. /* From my email */
    I was disappointed to find today's post wasn't about a robot that threw young children: ((throwable baby) robot).
    That would have been more interesting than the one you posted about a baby robot that can be thrown: (throwable (baby robot)).

    I know there are ways to describe that distinction using parts of speech instead of parentheses, but I forget them. Besides, I'm a programmer.

    -- Chris Glass

    Yes, this was pretty much exactly my reaction too. I wanted to share my disappointment. But not being a programmer I didn't know how to convey so precisely the nature of the miscommunication. The parenthesis work.