Thursday, March 17, 2011

Several explosions followed by a car crash

Here's Commander Scott Kelly's very dignified interview after landing in Russia two nights ago. I guess I can see why they didn't they ask him what Japan looked like from up there. It was an interview about him, not that. But I want to know! How far out into the ocean could he could see debris from the tsunami from his vantage point in space? Or was it not in the trajectory? I'll just have to interview him myself one day and replace all those vague personal questions with interesting ones with specific answers. Not that I don't care about that stuff, I clearly do, but to just say to him, "Your sister-in-law got shot, share how that makes you feel," doesn't it seem, I don't know, obvious? He felt terrible! He handled the question beautifully so I guess it was fine. If somebody did that to me I would get all choked up and it would be awful.

He was very polite about what a Soyuz landing feels like too. He did say the Navy trained him to be tough. I guess that includes not complaining about skidding for 25 years across Khazakstan.

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