Friday, July 16, 2010

iPhone 4 getting a bad rap

"The antenna doesn't work properly..." said Nina Totenberg on NPR this morning, which made me holler at my iMac streaming the Morning Edition feed. IT WORKS JUST LIKE THEY DESIGNED IT! People just don't know how to use it properly! I don't understand at all why Consumer Reports had to be so idiotic about this. I had plenty of time while I was waiting in line to get a cute little blue silicone case for my iphone to help me grip it and make it sit still on my car seat and desk. I have never had a single reception problem. Of course I don't ever talk on the phone, so maybe I'm just special. To me it's just a tiny little computer with a handy GPS and camera.

So Apple if you're listening, I still love you. Don't listen to those ham-handed phone gropers. I think your antenna choice was valid and I support you.

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