Friday, July 2, 2010

Fly away home

It's a rainy day in Austin. I don't know if this is normal for here. I think it may be hurricane related. But the weather report for Memphis is clear so hopefully my flights will go as normal and I'll make it to Tallahassee without too much incident.

Crappy Condo

My crappy condo is even crappier than I remembered from my quick visit last week. I was thoroughly bummed out after I went over there at lunchtime yesterday. The crushing of hope starts at the filthy, paint -peeling door with the sheet metal doorknob. Then the eye is assaulted with the scratched brown crooked cabinets and the offensive butcher block look backsplash. That would never be butcher block. It's like painting the floor to look like clouds. It's just wrong. Then there are the yellowed cultured marble bathroom counters and unbearable wallpaper and light fixtures. The little patio area is thick with algae and the siding on the outside is rotten. Upstairs there is a tiny bedroom with the ugliest ceiling fan I have ever seen. I can not lie in bed and look up at that. The outlet where I have to plug in my network equipment is busted.

Finally the air handler closet is peppered with rat droppings. I think if I Great Stuff the gap at the top I can encourage the rats to go into the neighbor's place from the attic instead of mine.


  1. This has been a remarkably wet year for Austin--not as wet as 1991-92, but after the blowtorching of 2008-09, complaining about a wet year seems like just asking the gods to bitchslap us all.

    I was born the year the Great Drought of the '50s broke, and I've seen some ugly dry weather since then--but I never wanna see anything like the last two years, for the rest of my life.

  2. And oh, dear . . . is that your Austin residence? From the photo evidence I suppose it could be; it has all the earmarks of cheapo '90s Austin rental construction.