Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Slow, expensive internet in America

South Korea has faster, cheaper internet than America (according to CNN Tech). This article explains a lot of the reasons, like the obvious one of population density, but I'm interested in the lack of American competition since it's related to my previous post about how monopolies ruin it for everybody. I accept that my internet connection is not going to be as fast as somebody in a metropolitan area. But the fact that it's almost as fast and LESS EXPENSIVE is a complete failure of technology to me. I suppose it's a failure of government, too, which is harder for me to wrap my mind around. I have to keep reading articles like this until it sinks in.

This article also includes an International Broadband Speeds Map. I bet the arctic regions of Canada aren't that fast any more than the desert of the Western United States has cell phone coverage. I would like to see this kind of analysis done for metro areas around the world with similar population density. That would be a better comparison.

Update: Interview with Verizon CEO shows he is a complete tool.

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  1. True, our internet is slower than most of the civilized world but we have internal distances greater than most nations. Even gigantic Russia doesn't have the same infrastructure problems due to the fact that it has roughly half our population in fewer, more concentrated areas even though they hold roughly twice as much land. But I don't think putting the blame on the government is heading in the right direction. That implies that the internet in the United States should be the responsibility of the government and I fear that then implies that it is theirs to regulate. If true freedom of expression is to remain we absolutely cannot let the government take over the internet. Currently there are proposed laws to require licenses to access the internet, licenses to write a blog of any sort, etc. and that mindset cannot be allowed to flourish.

    If you or any of your readers agree, please write to your senators and congresspersons requesting that the internet be left alone and that they refrain from voting in favor of any bill requiring licensing for use of the internet in any fashion as well as any bill promoting censorship on the internet.