Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drive-up ATM, why are you so HIGH?!

The branch of my bank near my mom's house got a new ATM machine with an automatic check scanner. I have two issues with it. One, if you don't have to fill out an envelope it's mighty easy to forget to endorse the back of the check. They should really warn you to do that on the screen before the animated GIF of shoving the check in the slot.

The second issue is that the whole machine is so damn HIGH! I can't reach it from my car window. The prevalence of SUVs in America has changed the standard install height for drive-up services? If it was a walk-up it would have to be lower to accommodate people in wheelchairs I bet.

If the thing has the dexterity and computing power to sort 30 checks inserted in a stack and scan them all and recognize the amount then it seems a simple next step to put the whole thing on hydraulics and have facial recognition line the damn thing up with my window. It also doesn't make sense from a user interface perspective to have a number pad to put in my PIN, which I could reach no problem, and then insist I reach WAY up to the touch screen to answer all the other questions. What if the touch screen was more vertical and had the selections duplicated at the top and bottom?

It's like the ATM designers just aren't even trying.

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  1. Designers in America are supposed to TRY.....?!? O.O