Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Rate Debate

I didn't have to do any long distance driving this holiday weekend, thank goodness. But my brother brought my niece Kate up from south Florida and my step-sister Beverly was in town from South Carolina. I thought it was the perfect time to attempt my first scripted video, with cast and lines, costumes and locations (all less than a mile from my house.) Kate is in the 10th grade but she already has more training in this kind of thing than I do. She's in the TV Academy in her high school. They have professional cameras and boom mics and all kinds of stuff I would love to have. I just used my trusty old Casio EX-FH20 to shoot this. My budget was $36 for a genuine military BDU coat and a sheriff patch from Amazon.

My step-sister Bev is no amateur. She moved out of New York and is taking a break from professional comedy because she has small children. Looks like she hasn't updated her website in over a year. (I can relate.) My graphic designer friend Stephen Leacock came up from Tallahassee to play the part of the do-right man. Kate and I planned ahead so we only took an hour of their time, not counting making them drive out to my house. I am not very comfortable with asking people to do stuff for me. I think I need to embrace wasting other people's time if I ever do this again because I pretty much only had one usable take for each clip. Camera was out of focus, or just not even recording, when I thought it was good.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Ignorance of mathematics is no excuse, young lady! Did you notice you've gone 20 miles? Yeah. Put that in your excuse file!

    Nice one Barbara! You're first foray into dialogue, scripted films is an amusing success.