Wednesday, June 15, 2011

US Department of the Interior Gets What They Deserve

A couple of weeks ago I reprimanded the US Department of the Interior for trying to get a new logo for $1000 on Crowdspring. Well the contest ended today. You can see all the entries. (click the Gallery tab if it doesn't go there) It's hard to tell how many there really are because a lot of them were withdrawn. Several hundred though. I'm tickled that they got the proper level of effort for what they were paying -- nothing. I am pretty sure people were mocking them.

Here are the ones I found caption-worthy.

This is the logo they deserve. It ignores the instructions to have
less than three colors and it looks like a bandaid.
I guess blue is water, brown is dirt,
green is grass and yellow is for pissing on this logo.

I don't know what the fuck it is that this is. 

It's like the University of South Florida had a calf that
contracted a bad ear infection.

This is the underbust corset logo. Nothing says government
like the suggestion of tits named U and S.

The Purple Mountain idea was well represented in this
contest, seen here in the Buffalo Photobomb logo.

The Cross stitch Buffalo is added by hand after they print the background.

How now brown cow?

This. Exactly this. Give everybody three pens and let them
decorate their own hats and tees.

Japan? Is that you?

Walmart has the sphincter logo, Department of Interior has
the slotted washer logo.

The Twizzlers will prevent the escape of the mutant green buffalo.

OK I don't really have a caption for this one. It's beyond words.

It's like that chart at the butcher shop labeling the cuts of beef. 

DO I what? Like it? No, I DOUS NOT.
I only just realized this makes a tree.

This won't be a silkscreen, it will be vinyl puffy stickers stacked up.

Bezier curves are gonna cost extra.

I actually like this one because the buffalo is clearly saying
"I'm outta here." And he's leaving to the left.
And we have a winner!


  1. #430 isn't a "slotted washer," it's a guy grabbing his toes and mooning the DOI. Once you see that, it becomes the only possible interpretation.

    Seriously, there are some decent logos in that mix. It is also quite possible to pay a lot for a logo and come away with something regrettable.

  2. What should I do if i'm interested in joining but I can't find a local recruiting substation you fucks?