Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just iPad

iPads are like eggs. The first iPad was a fresh, raw egg. Pretty, but I didn't think it was ready to eat. The iPad 2 was an egg cooked in a Ronco microwave egg cooker. It was food, but I didn't want to eat that either. The new iPad is like a sous vide egg, cooked in warm water for over an hour to achieve the perfect creamy, custardy yolk. It's highly technical and very smooth. I was waiting for this iPad.

I'm relieved they didn't call it iPad HD. It's kind of gratifying that Apple is calling this just iPad, like 1 and 2 were really just beta iPads and this is the alpha iPad. They're going with "Generation" like they do with iPods. Ask me what generation is my iPod Classic? I have no idea. 6th?

I followed the press conference on Twitter on my iPhone at Starbuck's in Tallahassee. It was very frustrating. I wanted to know if it had anything actually new, like an SD card reader, new docking connector, or maybe they made it WATERPROOF! Why didn't they make it waterproof?! I was already convinced by manufacturer evidence that it had doubled the pixels in both directions. Pretty much nothing new but the display and processor, which anybody that reads MacRumors already knew.

They never really cleared up the details on the name. I went through the very slow store site just now to preorder one and found a picture of the box.

OK, so what does the iPad2 box look like then? They're still selling that in the 16GB version only for $399. I went looking for those tech specs with a picture of the box.

If it weren't for that section about AppleCare+ for iPad 2 you would have no idea which one you were looking at. That's the same damn graphic. I hope their shipping is handled by robots that only read bar codes and not people that read labels. There has to be more to the box than this. That's just a retail disaster. How long before Best Buy puts giant stickers on all of them?

I can tell by the price I ordered the right one. Now I'm under a lot of pressure to have something done in iBook Author before it gets here so I'll be ready to load it up and try it out!


  1. If your year has 4 times as many pixels in it, is it still "small"?

  2. Four times as many pixels in the same size screen means smaller pixels, so, yeah...

  3. It's still 540,672 fewer pixels than my monitor on a pole. I think it counts as small. Spasms of accommodation is spoiled with the iPhone up close. My bookworm eye just wasn't happy with the rasterized look of the first two iPads. My eyes want vectors! They might also want reading glasses.