Saturday, September 4, 2010

Live Metaphor in the Apple Store

A graphic artist in Portland saw a real live metaphor in the Apple store.

I guess not everybody is familiar with the complete stable of assistance animals. Helper horses are like seeing eye dogs. It's not appropriate to make a big deal over them, just like you aren't supposed to pat somebody's Labrador retriever when they're on the job. My friend in Jacksonville says he gets horses in the Batteries Plus all the time. Just the same, Frank Chimero makes it into a sweet anecdote and metaphor.

I went to the Apple store in Austin this week and got a Magic Trackpad to use with my iMac when I'm lounging in bed using it like a TV. The only tiny pony I encountered was the usual grace of having the helper Apple employee use an iPhone in a special case to scan the item, swipe my card, and automatically email me my receipt because I use that same debit card every time. I like that about the Apple store. Even if there isn't a tiny horse in the mall that day it seems like a metaphor for success in trying new things.

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