Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tropical Storm Hermine

There was a lot of rain the last couple of days here in Austin. It rained a few times on Labor Day, then on the real first day of the storm, Tuesday, it got quite windy. I didn't have to get out my yellow slicker suit and shrimp boots though. I just walked to work with my 20 year old Georgia Tech umbrella, lightweight rain coat, jeans and wedge heeled shoes to keep my feet out of the water. I only got wet from the knees down. I heard more sirens than usual on the highway so I was glad I didn't have to get in the car in that mess.

Tuesday night there was a lot of thunder and lightning and more rain. If you look at the map of real time stream data you can see the line of black dots that shows where they storm was concentrated in a line from San Antonio up through Austin.

Here's the gage data for the place where I took these pictures. You can see the height peaked the night before and was on the way down when I shot this video on my lunchbreak from work on Wednesday.

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