Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hurry up and wait

I got a new Twitter follower, the Oil Drum,  with some good information about the physics of what's going on at Deepwater Horizon. I'm trying to focus on the science of the operation to stop the oil because the stuff I'm going through right now with orientation and training is just not that interesting. No good stories, just feelings of being way out of my element in the safety group. I got a call from a sample collecting and wildlife monitoring group today. Now I'm waiting to see which one can deploy me first and then judge which job will do the most good. The misanthrope in me really hopes it's the wildlife monitoring one. For that one I need to pass CPR training.

Also there's a Delta 4 launch tonight to take up a new GPS satellite. With my new shifted schedule I won't be able to watch it live online, but I hope to fall asleep thinking about liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen burning with water as a byproduct. No carbon involved. That makes me happy.

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