Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Go Top Kill!

So they turned the ROV away from the spewing oil to look at some other stuff so we can't criticize them in real time. Here's an article about how this is supposed to go down on Discovery News. Not to be confused with Discoverer Enterprise, the drill ship, shown here in a graphic of what didn't work the last time they tried something.

I should be driving to Mobile right now, but I can't stop watching this ROV video. (same link as before.) I got my HAZWOPER certificate Monday evening and sent it to a company in Atlanta with a BP contract. They called me yesterday afternoon and said to get to Mobile ASAP. They need me to watch people clean up oil. I'm supposed to be at the Renaissance conference center at 7 am. I could be deployed on a boat, in an estuary, on a beach. I don't have any idea yet. According to the online course I need three days of direct supervision by a trained professional in the field before I'm a legit HAZWOPER worker. I'm allowed to take pictures, so if my antique lappy can manage them I should be able to get some images up from the field after I'm deployed.

It will be 12 hour days 7 days a week for 3 weeks, so I doubt I'll have energy for updates about anything but the job.

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