Friday, October 4, 2013

How to stop Picasa redirecting links to Google+

My aunt asked me to help her list a house for rent. She wanted to "call somebody and tell them where to see pictures on the internet." Hmm, that's... not something people usually do. They email a link or text it, something they can click on. I figured what she needed was a URL she could say over the phone, so I needed to do use to generate a short, custom URL.

These pictures already existed online in a Picasa album my mother created last time the house was for rent. But when my aunt, with an iPad2 with a non-functional home button as her only electronic device, clicked the link in the email I sent her it threw her into a splash screen to download the Google+ app. If she clicked "Or continue to the mobile site..." then it showed her giant pictures she had to scroll to see and the captions were nowhere to be found.

The same link on an iPhone looks great. The difference? iPhone wasn't redirecting to Google+.

I finally fixed it on my third URL. The secret is to stick "&nodirect=1" at the end of the list of things after ? in the original private URL. If it's a public link and just has a number after, use "?&nodirect=1" after the number.

example 1: Private link to an album

example 2: Public link to a photo

Thanks to George Maschke for the instructions!

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