Saturday, October 20, 2012

Smoke is Pollution!

I just read an article about hookah smoking. I had no idea people thought it was GOOD for them?! What the hell? Why do people believe such nonsense? It's STILL SMOKE! If all the "harmful" things were taken out of it it wouldn't be SMOKEY! When is it EVER ok to suck something you can SEE into your lungs? The author said to his cigarette smoking friends:
“You schmucks know you’re going to get cancer, right? You cool with that?” 
“You are too,” they’d shoot back.... “You smoke hookah like two hours every weekend.” “Yeah, but that’s ‘pure’ stuff,” I’d tell them. “The tobacco smoke is cleaned by water.”
I almost like the cigarette smokers better than the hookah sucker. (I mean that both ways)
Several studies have found that an average 30-60 minute hookah session is about equivalent to smoking a whole pack of cigarettes. This really made me think, because most of the people I know that smoke hookah (myself included) sat around smoking for at least an hour. That means that we were smoking the equivalent of 1-2 packs of cigarettes each time we went out. Not good.

Ya THINK?! Why the hell did you imagine you were doing was GOOD? Smoking constantly, surrounded by second hand smoke, for an HOUR? Have you timed your friends on cigarette breaks? And THEY'RE going to get cancer?

I just can't believe how stupid people are. If I have a wildfire and I have to run around with a rake trying to put it out I can feel a SIGNIFICANT affect to my sinuses and lungs from breathing the smoke. Tobacco is leaves, and my wildfires are all basically leaves. The volatile compounds in pine needles are probably like the ones in tobacco, inasmuch as they're POLLUTION!

Don't breathe that. For serious. What idiots.

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  1. Its like the lady who is suing Nutella because she thought it was healthy.