Tuesday, October 26, 2010

House on Haunted Hill on Chuck

House on Haunted Hill playing on a TV in the Buy More in this week's episode of Chuck.
I had to stop multitasking on my computer when I heard a familiar scream. I brought the Hulu window to the top and moved the slider back and sure enough, that's House on Haunted Hill on the TV in the Buy More on Chuck! This is an old movie written by my grandfather, Robb White. I guess it's in the public domain now because it's always on Hulu. I recommend it for a Halloween watch! It's the only kind of horror movie I like. There's nothing supernatural in it. Just Vincent Price being a dick.

When if first came out in the theater they had a plastic skeleton rigged over the screen and they would pull it out into the audience with a fishing reel. It didn't take long before people heard about it and brought slingshots and stuff to abuse the skeleton. Somebody tries to do something original and people just have to ruin it....

Speaking of ruining it, the 1999 remake of this movie was horrible. They injected the whole thing with supernatural woo woo and just ruined the thing I liked about it the most. It gets 5.2 stars on IMDB but the original gets 6.8. It gets 98% on the Tomato Meter at Rotten Tomatoes.

Thursday night there's a special live Rifftrax event for this movie. I just found this when I pulled up Rotten Tomatoes. I guess I have to go!


  1. If only more movies featured Vincent Price being a dick.

  2. I saw it is on at Governor's Square. It was embarrassing when my father wrote and produced this movie, and it's still embarrassing as a cult fave.