Sunday, October 31, 2010

David Mitchell Signs Some Boobs...

I never did understand peer pressure. Or autographs. See how awkward it can be? Although it definitely makes the point that there are no bad experiences, only good material.

I do wonder what the proper protocol is these days when you see somebody you know out in public (oh, is that why they call them pubs?!) but they don't know you. With Twitter you can run into people who aren't even on the tele and recognize them. "Oh, Hi! Great to see you. I follow you on Twitter. That's so cool that you took a picture of that thing you saw the other day." ?? Really? That's what I've got? That's so lame. But if you DON'T go up and say Hi to somebody you follow on Twitter isn't that even MORE like you're a weird stalker?

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  1. I saw one of the two women of "Garfunkle and Oates" at the comic-con, what I did was first confirm that she actually was that performer, and then say that I found her videos amusing.

    And I go to the webcomic booths to say thanks to the people that make the webcomics I read.