Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Strength!

I heard on NPR this morning that most people want to travel through time or read minds with their fantasy super power. What a bunch of lazy sumbitches. What the hell is that for? So they can game the stock market or buy the winning lottery ticket? No wonder Americans are so obese. They fantasize about how to minimize all physical activity.

Me, I want super strength! What if I could pick my kayaks up like they were no heavier than my purse? That would be awesome! I could have built a house a lot bigger if I'd been strong enough to lift heavier lumber by myself. Yep, super strength, that's the super power I want.

Besides, I can already read minds. Well, only special ones, if I know what they're thinking about. Like my chemical oceanography professor when he'd ask a question in class? I knew the answer then. Of course on test day he wasn't thinking of the answer when I needed it, so the only explanation for how I knew it before was that I had been reading his mind.

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