Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Insurance Companies are Jerks

I heard about this on Morning Edition this morning and it made me mad -- a contestant at a hockey game made an amazing shot and then the insurance company that was supposed to provide the prize money refused to pay up because they said his foot was over the line. Well isn't that just typical. He said he was going to donate it to a hospital, too.

I got some paperwork from my insurance company yesterday showing that they refused to pay my doctor for my initial visit because she failed to provide documentation of prior visits. IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I EVER SAW HER! That makes me mad. Another claim on there they paid $65 out of a $350 charge because of their "discounts." Man, being a doctor who has to deal with insurance must be as bad as being a bartender at the douchebag bar. Humana goes to the tanning bed and wears Ed Hardy.

I Googled "insurance company hockey line"  to see if I could find pictures. What the hell line? There is no line! There wasn't exactly a precedent set for precise control of the rules in this game. That insurance company is a jerk!


  1. Imagine how doctors feel about it! A friend of mine who is a doctor diagnosed a 14 year old with a prostate problem. It's very rare that 14yo's have prostate trouble, so the insurance company denied the claim. She made a "corrected diagnosis" of some other thing but went ahead and successfully treated the prostate issue.

    To be fair to the insurance company in this case, they were paid to insure a shot from a particular distance, a shot which was never taken. However, the man who took the shot had no agreement with the insurance company whatsoever. The offer of $50,000 was made by Indiana Ice and the shot was watched and validated by Indiana Ice. Indiana Ice owes the man $50k. Indiana Ice's error means that they can't collect the insurance to cover their loss. He was way on the wrong side of the line, it's not like his toe just slipped over it. You don't see the line because it's the one a yard or two behind him...

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