Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Natural color image of the Gulf of Mexico

Even a sheen of oil shows up in this satellite image from the NASA Earth Observatory. If you click the picture it should download the full resolution and let you zoom in.

The oil on the surface is getting damn close to Port St. Joe, Florida and that perfect puffy cloud that's covering Dog Island won't keep that oil from coming ashore there too. I hope they get that boom deployed in Franklin County and the locals feel free to go out there and re-anchor it and arrange it properly. I know they know what to do. There are hazardous waste experts in residence. They should invoice BP bi-weekly until the coast is clear.

I went looking for all the data NOAA is supposed to have online but I couldn't readily find it. I did get one interesting report as a PDF file. If you are used to interpreting water quality data like I am it makes sense, but as with all environmental reports it concludes that they need to take more samples and write more reports. There's oil out there and if they keep at it they can find out how much, where it came from, and where it's going.

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