Monday, June 28, 2010

Around Town with my iPhone

I saw this bikini today at TJ Maxx and had to take a picture. Look at the coast of Louisiana and pretend that blue space is the gulf of Mexico.... Where does it put the MC252 oil spill, anatomically?

I haven't updated the blog with a review of my new phone or anything. I haven't figured out how to do my blog on it, well, not with pictures anyway. I'm working on it. I've been a bit distracted by making plans for moving. I had some drama last week renting a condo where the lease on a very convenient location was snatched out from under me while I was waiting in that line. The very next day I found another one available two buildings down that didn't have a sign up yet. I completed the whole process to lease it in just one day. It's available now, so I'll get the key on July 1. I decided I better take advantage of a 3 day weekend to move so I quickly bought a plane ticket for next Friday to get the 7 day advance purchase price. I reserved a truck in Tallahassee to pick up on Saturday, and now I'm mentally planning what all I can fit in the truck and subsequently in the condo.

I haven't rented a place to live in over 15 years. I'm not sure I'm capable of not changing it to suit me. So I'm just going to embrace it and make whatever improvements I require to be comfortable. If I use materials I already have and don't really want forever it should be fine.

The location is awesome. It's across the parking lot from my office. They just signed another year lease there so we'll both stay put for a while. It's just across one 4 lane divided highway from the greenbelt so I'm going to bring my bicycle from home. There aren't a lot of rental properties around it, just a neighborhood of interesting big houses. I picked up the flyer for one that's for sale for $800,000. I can go for a walk and just pretend that's where I live. When I was driving through the neighborhood I turned around to go back and take a picture of this garage door. This is the best looking garage door I have every seen. Timber framed slate roof? Dang! But it works on that stone wall.

Today I made friends with a woman at Home Depot today looking at the oops paint. I helped her pick out black paint to paint a bunch of yard sale furniture and I talked her into getting a Purdy paintbrush. I hope she finds it as wonderful as I do. I just can't stand to paint with a crappy paintbrush. It turns a zen experience into a frustrating mess. Anyway, I'm supposed to call her in 3 weeks when we're both finished moving to go kayaking. Did I just become more interesting because I'm new in town? Or is it the town? Nobody back home would talk to me about oops paint.

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