Thursday, February 27, 2020

Live Oak Tripod Knob

I've sort of forgotten about my blog. I think I'll use it more. I've been doing a lot of YouTube videos and putting way too much information in the description. I should go ahead and put it on my blog.

So here's one. I broke the knob on my good tripod. I made a new knob out of some live oak I harvested from the woods from a long dead snag that has weathered down the the hard hard heart.

I made this last week and used it for several days but today I pushed on it too hard and it slid back on the stem and the glue failed and it spins freely now. So now I'm going to make another, better one. I'll likely make another video and add it here.

This time instead of cutting a knob out of a big blank I found a piece of weathered wood an appropriate diameter. I sliced it and drilled a hole only partway through this time. I polished the sides with nylon brushes on the drill press. I had to drill another smaller hole through the top to let the air out when I epoxied the stem into the knob. I broke two knobs in the process. Glad I started two more after I broke the first one. I think this is going to be a satisfactory knob.

While I was making a big mess on the drill press I polished up several more blanks that I cut at the same time. If anybody wants to try some of this wood to make something I have some ready to sell. Just need to photograph it and weigh it to calculate shipping and I can list it on Etsy.