Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Leopards Got Pets?

 Check out this video where a young leopard kills a baboon then finds a baby baboon and makes a pet out of it. I don't care for the narration. I'd rather watch it plain, without somebody telling me what human feelings to assign to the leopard at any given time.

Actually, even if that was a human and not a wild animal I still disagree with their assessment. I have no idea why I had to get that baby deer out of the hole. I'm pretty sure it wasn't because I was torn between being a mother and a playful child. Maybe there is just some universal instinct to give a baby a bit of help when it has a mishap.

What's that all about then?

Deer in a Hole from barbara tomlinson on Vimeo.

I notice that leopard video just kind of ends before the leopard eats the dead baboon, let alone before the baby dies. Because ratings?

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